We operate with the belief that effective communication is the best way to achieve accurate results. To ensure this, we always arrange a detailed meeting with our clients to engage them in a personalized commitment from our side while working on their property. Regardless of size of the business or estate we engage with our full capacity and capabilities. Our highly trained staff devoted to outstanding service backed by quality support has earned QNQ Technical Services LLC, Dubai the reputation of a first class company.

Our Services at QNQ Technical Services, LLC, Dubai includes:

  • General Maintenance.
  • Painting/Plaster Work.
  • Minor Demolition (Fire Damage/Water Damage), Waste Removal, Pre and Post-Construction clean up.
  • Lead Paint Abatement.
  • Bathrooms modifications & Tile Works.
  • Groute Work.
  • Marble & Tile work, Dry-Wall Marble Fixing , Flooring and much more.

Benefits of Utilizing QNQ Techical Services, LLC, Dubai, Services:

  • All of our trained Professionals are completely insured.
  • We meet all City Requirements.
  • We save your company time, money and increase prestige.
  • Our Associates arrive at sites wearing a company uniform complete with logo; adding professionalism.


We have undertaken inspiring and diverse projects within our initial years after breaking into the competitive market including but not limited to staff accommodations, Private Residential Apartments, Villas, City schools and historical buildings. Our work also includes mechanical and electrical services to shops along with front spraying services. We absolutely believe that we can help you too like many other satisfied clients!



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