Choosing Which Roofing Material to Use for Your Home

1. MasterSeal

MasterSeal introduced by BASF South Asia, is a range of spray applied polyurea membrane, which is a two-in-one solution that ensures high level of protection and waterproofing for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. It can be sprayed on large industrial surfaces of new or modernized buildings (also can be used for repair and rehabilitation projects), to quickly and efficiently provide a tough, long-lasting waterproofing membrane. The technology is ideal for the most demanding conditions: it combines fast curing, even at very low temperatures, and water insensitivity with exceptional mechanical properties, chemical resistance and durability.

MasterSeal Traffic System is another product by BASF which provides the combined needs of waterproofing, protection and wear resistance for the covered and exposed parking structures. The system helps to ensure long lasting surfaces with excellent durability and superior abrasion resistance for parking facility owners, and safe driving conditions for vehicle owners.

In order to support faster process and quality construction and refurbishment for the South Asian market, the company has come up with MasterPel 777 which is an integral admixture solution acting as both a water reducer as well as a water proofer for everyday concrete. The MasterEmaco SBR is a range of bonding and dispersant which coats and wets the cement particle more efficiently and render faster application on site for waterproofing applications.

In India, new construction methods including modular formwork construction for concreting, dry wall for partitions and prefabricated bathroom pods are gaining traction, but also create challenges in maintaining quality while meeting the demand for rapid construction. The MasterSeal waterproofing and MasterTile tiling systems provide watertight lining for places such as bathrooms and shower areas.

2. Krytonite

In any construction, Construction Joints always need extra attention. Construction joints must allow horizontal displacement right-angled to the joint surface that is normally caused by thermal and shrinkage movement. These joints are at the highest risk of water seepage and if not treated correctly during the construction phase can lead to costly rounds of repairs, especially once the structure is ready and it is next to impossible to isolate the leakage point.

In order to address to this problem, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt Ltd has come up with Krytonite Swelling Waterstop- a synthetic rubber waterstop, specially designed for waterproofing construction joints in concrete construction. Krytonite swells up to 4 times more than ordinary rubber or bentonite swelling waterstops, and produces enough swelling pressure to withstand extreme hydrostatic pressure – even when exposed to salt water or when used in chloride or sulfate contaminated soils. Despite its extraordinary swelling ability, Krytonite is specially engineered so that swelling action occurs after concrete has gained sufficient strength. This controlled swelling eliminates the risk of cracks or voids in the concrete that may occur if the swelling was uncontrolled. Movement and folding during concrete pours creates gaps and voids, thereby defeating the purpose of the Waterstop. Krytonite compensates for concrete shrinkage by expanding. The Krytonite jointing solution is easy to install, requires no specialized tools or skill, and joints will be waterproofed for the life of the concrete.

 3. Dr Fixit LEC

With the intent to provide products not only to serve the purpose of waterproofing purpose but also provide insulation, Pidilite has come up with products like Dr.Fixit LEC (Low Energy Consumption).

Dr.Fixit LEC (Low Energy Consumption) enhances the lifecycle of the building providing better insulation and reducing heat. This in turn also reduces overall energy consumption and hence carbon footprint of the building. Additionally, unlike other conventional raw materials, these products help in reducing thermal stress on a structure and eliminate leakages that result in expansion of steel used in the core of walls and pillars.

4. Newcoat and Newcoat Coool

Terrace waterproofing has been seen as the growing concern area for consumers and hence our new innovative products have now been specifically developed to deal with terrace leakage issues. In order to solve these issues, Pidilite has protective top coats like Newcoat, Newcoat Coool and Newcoat Ezee. There are multiple advantages of these new products. The main one being that they can repair the terrace without breakage, which means that, they are less labour intensive and therefore low cost and quick. They can be easily applied using a brush or roller to form a thick flexible coating to waterproof the terrace for years to come.

5. Bridge Deck waterproofing

Bridges are one of the major life lines in connecting civilizations. They need to be protectected from one of their major silent enemy- water. STP Ltd has been associated with Brige deck waterproofing using SuperThermoLay APP membrane. These membranes prevent the ingress of water into the Bridge concrete, thus preventing harmful ingredients from damaging the concrete. This system has been done successfully on number of bridges in India. The process consists of application of Shalitex Primer followed by tourching of SuperThermoLay APPmembrane 4mm thick followed by overlay of bituminous wearing course. This is followed by a application of ShaliSeal RSTC ( coal Tar sealer coat ) to prevent deterioration of bridge concrete.

6. Zentrifix-Elastic

Physical waterproofing systems can be preformed membranes or slurry-applied membranes. Whilst having many advantages, preformed membranes have the inherent limitations such as overlapping joints and the difficulty of application across change in geometry of the structure. Applications for these kinds of membranes are multifold, in basements, wet areas, swimming pools, tanks, dead-walls, terraces, terrace-gardens, structural elements and so on. The main point to remember while using a slurry-applied membrane is the correct detailing of joints, waterstops and interfaces (covings) between horizontal and vertical surfaces. Another benefit of these waterproofing membranes such as zentrifix-elastic, manufactured by Mc-Bauchemie, is that they provide equivalent cover to concrete. Zentrifix-elastic at 2mm thickness provides a cover equivalent to 72 cm of well-compacted M30 concrete. This feature allows zentrifix-elastic to be used in repair and protection projects apart from waterproofing applications.

7. KEM proof 87

Coatings may be applied to concrete to arrest the carbonation process. KEM proof ultimate is a high quality acrylic emulsion based coating launched by Chembond Chemicals Limited. This is the improved version of their existing product KEM proof 87. KEM proof ultimate is elastomeric in nature and has good resistance to weather and sunlight. It is single component system containing inert pigments and fillers suitable for application by brush, roller or spray. It prevents chloride ion ingress and exceeds all the requirements of a coating that resists carbonation and provides a smooth, durable and water repellent coating for concrete and masonry surfaces.

KEM proof 87 is an elastomeric coating based on selected acrylic co-polymers. When applied, it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane. It is applied by brush or roller. It can be applied on concrete, cement board, wood, brick, stone and tiles. It is a single-component emulsion containing inert pigments and has brushable consistency.

8. PeterSeal

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit on surfaces of masonry, stucco or concrete. It is whitish in appearance, and is sometimes referred to as “whiskers”. Efflorescence has been a problem for many years, and is a topic of much controversy.

PeterSeal, launched by Fibrex Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd is a sealer coat for sealing efflorescence. Peterseal is a revolutionary product based on reactive polymers with cross linking nano particles which penetrate deep into the surface reacting with salts and free lime forming nano sized crystals inside the structure. It also forms a micro porous osmotic film on the substrate which reduces the rising dampness and provides solid base for further painting application. The translucent white colour lets the applicator know where the sealer has been applied. Concrete, cement plaster, block, brick and other manufacturer approved surfaces. Masonry surfaces must cure a minimum of 28 days prior to coating application. The features like excellent 1 and 2 ° efflorescence control, improved freeze thaw resistance add to the value of this product.

9. Proofex

For below-ground structures where the exterior face of the structural concrete is inaccessible, the waterproofing must be applied prior to pouring the concrete. The conventional systems are either loose-laid or self-adhering to the substrate and not to the structural concrete. This means that there is no seal between the waterproofing and the structural concrete which can lead to water travelling between the waterproofing and the structure from any leakages that may occur.

Fosroc Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd has developed an innovative system, ‘Proofex Engage which incorporates a unique cell mesh which mechanically bonds to freshly placed concrete giving a tenacious waterproof seal, preventing water migration even if ground settlement occurs. It is installed rapidly with no need for blinding concrete, priming or protection and can be trafficked immediately after application. It is also a gas barrier, highly durable and is unaffected by contaminants within the ground. The product does not require any blinding concrete or protection.

10. Polyureasystem

Fosroc Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd has developed an innovative high performance Polyureasystem which combines all the benefits of coatings, liners and membranes. This can be used for a wide range of waterproofing applications with curing time so fast that the coating is completely tack free within seconds. Fosroc polyurea WPE is a spray applied flexible, rapid curing waterproofing system. It combines the advantages of seamless, waterproof coating with very long life cycles and high durability.